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aquaguard reviva ro-uv water purifier


A nice looking simple and clean product from Eureka Forbes. Aquaguard Reviva RO comes with 8 litres of water storage capacity. The combination of RO-UV purification gives clean water for drinking. Its features do not confuse like other purifiers, a simple to install and easy to use water purifier. Using best RO membranes which lasts longer.

Its RO purification technique kills all kind of water impurities whether germs or viruses are present in water. It also removes dirt containing dissolved salts harmful for the body. Comes with handy features like Auto on off, enhanced booster pump and large storage capacity.


  • Large 8 litres of water storage.
  • Enhanced booster pump which drives high-pressure water to RO membrane which is necessary if water supply do not have required pressure.
  • Automatic on-off feature to stop the overflow of water when the tank is full.
  • The combination of RO and G.RO.UV.TH technology which kills germs and removes all kind of impurities from water.
  • Silver surety technology stops the growth of water-borne bacteria, viruses and gives 100% clean water.
  • TDS Reduction 90%. Water recovery in RO mode 25%.
  • Taste enhancer cartridge gives tasty drinking water.


  • Require electricity to clean water all the time. Large storage capacity overcomes this limitation to a certain level when there is no electricity supply.
  • Maintenance cost is little costly. Around 5K per year which is not too much compared to what is spent on Doctor and medicines.

Features And specification

Aquaguard Reviva features are sufficient to purify any kind of water supply which contain germs and viruses. Let’s look at the table below to know more.

 Purification MethodRO (G.RO.UV.TH to kill germs and viruses)
 Filtration Capacity8 L/hr
Water Storage8 Litres
 Input water TDS Levels500 – 2000 (mg/l) ppm
 InstallationWall Mount, Table top
 Power Requirement 40W (Inbuilt voltage stabilizer)
 Net Weight, Dimensions 8Kg, 27.5 x 32 x 41 cm
Extra FeaturesI-filter, Chemical Block, EMLE (Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer), Leak-Proof Performance, auto shut off,
PriceMRP Rs. 14,990

Buy online at Amazon for Rs. 11,254

Buy online at Flipkart for Rs. 11,219

Special Features of Aquaguard Reviva RO Purifier

  • Unique membrane cleaning system increase RO membrane life cycle by removing dirt impurities sticking to its surface.
  • Silver surety technology enhance purification process and stops growth of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and disease causing micro-organism.
  • Temper proof Reject water valve which continuously rejects water and keep membrane surface clean.
  • Automatic water level sensor keeps a check on water in the storage tank and automatically shut off water supply so that overflow inside the tank should not happen.
  • Enhanced booster pump increase pressure of water in RO membrane thus making Reverse osmosis process much better. Some other water purifiers needs external Booster pump to be fitted at water supply to give required pressure in membranes.
  • Unique E-boiling gives pure water by boiling water electrically as if the water was boiled for 20 minutes on the gas stove.
  • EMLE (electronic life membrane enhancer) this technology enhance the life of RO membranes. This increases cleaning life cycle of RO membranes and reduce maintenance cost.
  • In-built taste enhancer cartridge gives a sweet taste to water. During RO process all minerals are removed from water making water tasteless so these cartridges add mineral in the water.
  • RO process waste lots of water during purification and this purifier recover 25% water. TDS removal up to 90% which blocks all kind of heavy metals, germs and soluble impurities giving 100% purified water.
  • Recommended for blackish, salty, muddy water.

Aquaguard Reviva Customer Reviews Online

People are loving Aquaguard Reviva a lot because of its simplicity, design, and performance. On, flipkart it received a rating of 4.2 among 101 customer rating. Most reviews are positive because it does a good purification job.

Some people said “Full value for money” , “Great product. Serves the purpose. True value for money.” . Some customers reported minor problems like “TDS level is not maintained“, “Smell from water was not good” but these problems were encountered by a few customers which happens all the time with products and sometimes company replaces these kind of faulty products.

Final Words

This is good value for money if you want no tension on your mind about water quality purchase Aquaguard Reviva. It has all features required to clean water. A good storage tank, G.RO.UV.TH purification technology, low maintenance cost, less waste water is produced, positive customer reviews online. Its price is comparatively lower than other products in the market. A good product from reputed brand Eureka Forbes gives nice customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Aquaguard Reviva Price list Online

  • Market price is Rs 14,990
  • Selling on Amazon for Rs. 11,254
  • Selling on Flipkart for Rs. 11,217



Aquaguard Reviva Review
  • 90%
    Water Quality - 90%
  • 85%
    Technology - 85%
  • 90%
    Features - 90%
  • 85%
    Service & Support - 85%
  • 90%
    Value for money - 90%


With its good RO technology, it makes water pure for drinking at reasonable rates and with its 8 Litre water storage tank it becomes best deal for family of 5-6 members.

User Review
3.6 (5 votes)

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