Livpure Glo Review 2018 : Best RO + UV Water Purifier Under 10000

Livpure Glo review RO UV water Purifeir
Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier
1,981 Reviews
Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier
  • Color: White
  • Type: Electric with storage
  • Warranty details:1 year on product
  • Technology: RO+UV+ Mineralizer water purification
  • Capacity:7 litres

The Livpure Glo 7 Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier ideally one of the best water purifier models available in India. It has gradually become one of the trusted sources as a brand and also a good water purifier to purchase. There are certainly some of the best features present with the Livpure Glo water purifier. The purifier comes up with three technologies including RO, UV and also Mineralizer. At the same time, the water purifier has a production capacity of 12 Liters in 1 hour. This makes the Livpure Glo as a very demandable as a purifier. Check Out Our Livpure Glo Review to Know More why is it so popular in the Indian market.

Let’s Read Livpure Glo Review

Livpure Glo review RO UV water PurifeirDesign, Build and Performance

The body of the Livpure Glo comes up with one of the best designs and attractive looks. the body also has an aluminum coating that comes complete with the help of different objectives. Well, you might love t use the purifier according to your needs.

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Why Should You Buy?

Bring home the Livpure 7 Ltr Pep Star RO + UV + UF + Taste Enhancer Water Purifier which offers an elegant design with a super-sleek design. This 7 stage purifier works on an advanced water purification system that results in pure and also healthy water. The purifier has 7 liters of water storage capacity with up to 12 LPH (liter per hour) delivery capacity.

It works at an operating voltage of 24 V DC. This product comes with a 1-year brand warranty against manufacturing defects and 2 free preventive maintenance services. You can also check for the Livpure Glo Review!

Key Features of Livpure Glo RO + UV Water Purifier


Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier 5

Sediment Filter

The Sediment Filter is the first stage of the purification process. This procedure also helps you to remove the larger particles from the water. Thus, it is a very important feature to have if you are looking for a healthy water. The feature also ensures that the water is free of the different features of dirt. this makes the purifier to be great to purchase.

Pre-Activated Carbon Filter cum Absorber

Chlorine is indeed one of the biggest problems and also the root to cause impurities. If you are looking to drink clean and healthy water, the Pre-Activated Carbon Filter cum Absorber is definitely the best thing that you can get. It adds taste, organic compounds and also makes the water healthy to consume.



RO Membrane

The RO Membrane is also another huge factor why people wish to buy the Livpure Water Purifier. Out Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer, Water Purifier Review will show you that the RO Membrane feature actually helps the purifier to become efficient.

UV Disinfection Column

UV Disinfection Column is also the net stage in the purification process. Just after the water flows through he UV chambers, it now comes to the UV Disinfection Column. The basic duty is very simple and it is to remove the dust particles.

Silver Impregnated Post-Carbon Filter

The post-carbon filter actually helps the purifier to undergo the Carbo Filter treatment. It also removes the volatile organic impurities. Look for the Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier Review to know more!

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier 3


The mineralizer is the next stage that helps in purification. It also adds the minerals to the water by removing the dust particles. this helps the people to drink clean water in different stages. It also balances the pH level.

Design, Build and Performance

The Livpure Glo is just one of the best things that can get better results that you can get. It is certainly one of the best things that you can look for. the Livpure Glo is also one of the best water purifiers available in the market today. the design is unique and will attract a lot of people.



PROS AND CONS OF Livpure Glo Water Purifier



Budget-friendly RO+UV water purifier with taste enhancer.Earlier buyers little unhappy with the after sale service.
It also has Non-toxic food-material made body.
7L of water storage tank.
It also Dispenses water 12L/hour.
One year warranty

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Specifications of Livpure GLO Water Purifier

This innovative Livpure GLO Water Purifier (RO+UV) uses 6 stage water purification process. It features a sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter cum adsorber and also RO membrane. the Livpure purifier also has UV disinfection column, silver impregnated post carbon filter and mineralizer. First, the sediment filter removes fine and also coarse particulate impurities from the incoming water. Also, we Hope our Livpure Glo Review has helped you in making your buying decision!

Pre Carbon Filter

The carbon filter definitely has some of the best features and work performance. It generally helps a lot to get the best out of the water purifier. Also, it helps to provide better taste to the water by removing the odor. This means that it can get you better results in the different formats.

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier 4

UV Process

It removes all hazardous chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, heavy metals, hardness and other salts from water. It also eliminates disease-causing bacteria, viruses, protozoa and protects you from microbiological threats. Ultraviolet radiation disinfects the treated water from various types of water-borne diseases. Once the UV process is done, the water passes through the silver impregnated post-carbon cartridge. It also enhances the taste and quality of purified water by removing volatile organic impurities.

Better Tasting

It ensures that the water you drink is healthier and better tasting. The mineralizer process makes sure that the essential minerals in your water are good. It also adds required minerals to the water. The water purifier also works up to 1500 TDS level.


The Livpure Glo RO + UV Water Purifier is certainly one of the best water purifiers for you to buy under Rs 10000 in India. Hope you liked our Livpure Glo Review and this might help you in making your decision while buying water purifier online.



  • 9.5/10
    Ease of use - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Technology - 9.0/10
  • 9.3/10
    Features - 9.3/10
  • 8.5/10
    Service & Support - 8.5/10
  • 9.6/10
    Value for money - 9.6/10


Livpure Glo is one of the top selling models under Rs.10000 for home use. Its 6 stage purification and RO UV technology make it the best value for money water purifier. So you should definitely go with this water purifier…

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