Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 Review 2018

Philips AeraSense review 2000 series
Philips AC2887/20 High Efficiency Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with numerical PM2.5 display, ideal for master bedroom
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Philips AC2887/20 High Efficiency Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with numerical PM2.5 display, ideal for master bedroom
  • Air Purifier Type - Room; Purification method - High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type
  • Coverage area: 441 sq. ft, suitable for bedroom / living room (large), Air quality sensor(s): Aerasense PM2.5 sensor
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 333 m3/hr; CADR indicates the volume of purified air (in cubic mtrs) which an air purifier produces every hour. The clean air delivery rate (CADR) is 200 m³/h
  • Sound level : 20.5-51 dB(A); Frequency : 50/60 Hz; Power : 11~60 W; Voltage : 220 V
  • AeraSense Technology: Real-time PM 2.5 measurement and display with professional grade sensing technology

Are you Looking to buy the Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20? The Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 is certainly one of the most advanced air purifiers. It is equipped with the best modern technologies. Do check out for the Philips 2000 Series Review to get your needs fulfilled.


The advanced Philips AC2887/20 Air Purifier is not just a name in the brands, but it is one of the finest air purifiers that are still available on the market. It is also a great purifier with some advanced features for better results. the purifier comes up with low pollution and noise at the same time. This ensures that you can get better results at any point in time. Reading the complete Philips 2000 Series Review is very important for anyone before you got to buy it.

Key Features of Philips 2000 Series

Philips 2000 Series Review

There are certainly some of the best features available for the Philips Air purifier. you can get some of the best benefits that will bring back the happy time in your room. It is certainly a must buy.

Philips 2000 Series Review 1 It also filters the harmful gases such as formaldehyde, TVOC, and odor to a great extent which keeps the air free from all such pollutants. Check out the Philips 2000 Series Review for more!

It maintains the low noise level which brings down the fan speed for much comfortable night sleep with its silent mode. The lights can be dimmed else turned off to suit your preferences with the smart light control support.

The numerical PM2.5 indicator and the 4-step color ring helps to keep you notified about the indoor air quality. It has the 3 auto modes which include general, allergen and bacteria/virus which promptly functions to eradicate the bacteria & virus particles ensuring cleaner air output.


Why to Buy?

It won’t be wrong if we say that this purifier is the cheaper variant of the above mentioned 3000 series. It serves to clean the air of comparatively smaller area varying from 24 to 41m2. Our Philips 2000 Series Review will guide you more on it!

Pros & Cons of Philips 2000 Series



Covers room size of upto 851 square feetAir quantity decreases drastically in the allergen mode.
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 333 m3/hour
100 percent ozone free
Dedicated pollution, allergen and bacteria/virus auto modes

Specifications of Philips 2000 Series

The Philips AC2887/20 Air Purifier comes up with a great response of the best physical components of the world. You will certainly love the air purifier from Philips that has the best results. It is certainly one of the ideal Air purifiers that you can easily purchase. If you are willing to get more, then all that you need to do is to have some of the best results. The air purifier comes up with some of the best filters and working modes that can easily get your needs fulfilled.

The Philips AC2887/20 comes up with some of the best features as well as a beautiful body. It is completely scratch-proof and also provides an excellent glare. This certainly makes the Philips AC2887/20 be one of the most demanding purifiers of all time. The fan has three different speed levels that can provide the best result at any need. This also gives you a better ground for making better results. You would love to use the product at any point in time.


If you are willing to purchase the Philips 2000 Series, you can certainly be benefitted with Aerasense Technology. It can easily remove the dust particles from the room in order to make sure that the purifier’s settings are at the ideal level. This is very helpful for any purifier at home.

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Superior Purification

The modern day technology definitely has some of the best possible ways to get the best results. The purifier is also capable of removing the dust particles present inside the room. It can easily remove bacteria and different kinds of gems. This is the reason why the filter turns to be very handy. There are many people looking for Philips 2000 Series Review all over the internet. Hope you can find the answer to all your queries here!

Philips 2000 Series Review 2

AeraSense Technology

the AeraSense technology is definitely something new for the whole world. It brings up a charming attribute to the purifier. Also, the AeraSense removed dust particles which are even smaller than PM2.5. This makes the Philips purifier to be great in all terms. The Aerasense

Vitashield IPS Technology

The Vitashield IPS Technology comes up with some of the best results that can get you better results. The air delivery rate is great and this means that it can benefit you with different results at any time of the day. The Vitashielf IPS technology is placed in the purifier to make the air healthy and suitable for use.

Now the best part is that it can remove the harmful gasses at any point in time. You can also check Philips Aerasense review to get the best results.

Low Noise at Sleep Mode

The Silent Mode feature brings in a great advantage to the air purifier. You can get a lot of benefits with this feature when you are at sleep. It produces really low noise to avoid distraction at any point in time.

Philips 2000 Series Review 3

Real-Time Indoor PM 2.5 Numerical Feedback

It has a real-time indicator this feature ensures that there is no extra PM 2.5 indicator available in the room. You can get benefits with the help of a better air quality.

Philips 2000 Series Review 4

Smart Light Control

The smart light control helps to control the light from the people. You can easily avoid the light for any sort of distraction. The Smart Light Control is one of the most advanced features in the purifier!

Using the similar Vitasheild IPS technology and NanoProtect filter, the purifier promises to deliver the CADR rate of up to 344m3/h. It used to remove ultrafine particles, harmful gases, bacteria, virus, and odor.


Are you just searching for the Philips AC 2887/20 all around the web and could not make up your mind? Our Philips AC 2887/20 Review is just there to help you find your needs. It is equipped with the best technology. Overall, the performance of Philips AC 2887/20 is quite good and the price is affordable. You might love to purchase it.

Philips Air Sense AC2887/20
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