Is TDS Level In Bisleri Bottle Right For Drinking?

TDS in Bisleri Water

TDS or the Total dissolved solids as we all know are a part of the organic matter present in water! A lot of people in India do believe that drinking packaged water might not be safe for them. To some extent, they may be true. But at the same time, there are so many brands that are bringing out the best of drinking water. TDS is practically the amount of contaminants present in the water even after filtering. Practically, there is no brand who are providing water below 50 mg/Litre.

What is TDS in Water?

According to WHO, TDS to some limit may be highly effective in one’s health. This is the reason why so many people do think about. At the same time, we must consider are always different packaged water. The TDS level for the different brands is also very different. But most of them have kept it under the 600mg/ liter. According to the sources, the TDS levels for Very soft water is around 0-80 PPM. The levels for Soft water are 80-150 PPM. However, TDS levels with 150-400 PPM are quite harder.

Here is the image, we can see the different TDS levels and how safe they are for our drinking.

TDS in Water

Why Do We Need to consume Low TDS?

TDS is a big factor in everything that we consume. However, we can also say that consuming Low TDS means that you can get a lot of benefits at the same time. Let us share some of them with you. This will help you to understand how much important it is to consume low TDS in water.


Health factor is one of the most important phases. So basically, we often do see that water from purifiers sometimes tastes salty while somewhere it tastes as sweet. Water that is saltier is likely containing more contaminants. So the risk of getting unhealthy with such water consumption is higher. Apart from this, you can also opt to choose a much sweeter water. being sweet makes the water to be containing fewer contaminants and TDS. High TDS means that it can also indicate high levels of toxic substances.

Filter performance

Low TDS means that the filter performance is also good. Usually, most of the water to be packaged comes from reservoirs. This means that they do contain a lot of TDS at the same time. When the filter performance is good, you automatically consume lower amount of TDS. This makes sure that you can get better water to drink. Also, for home purifiers, the filter remains in good condition because of the low TDS.


It is never safe to drink hard water. Not only because of the insoluble elements, but also because of the different toxic solvents they have. So basically, everyone needs to drink soft water because it purifies health at the same time. With the Hardness of water, it is very difficult to completely purify it. Brands such as Bisleri and the other competitors undergo a lot of purification procedure. This allows everyone to retain trusts on such brands.


How much TDS does Bisleri Contain?

A lot of researchers are coming up daily on the Mineral water Bottles. Bisleri is a leading example of the mineral waters. With so many sizes and packages, the brand is one of the primary leaders in the Indian market today. But there are a lot of people who consider the TDS factor. According to the sources, Bisleri contains 60-70mg/L. This means that the water is very soft and good to drink at the same time. Laboratories from all around the country have come up with different TDS tests for the different brands and came up to a conclusion with this.

Thus, it is very ideal to say that Bisleri water is good and safe to drink. So if you are outside and you are not carrying any purified water, then it is the time that you can buy a bottle of Bisleri.

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