What Should Be The TDS OF Drinking Water? How to Check TDS OF Water?

TDS OF Drinking Water

Whenever we drink any drop of water, the first thing that comes to our mind is the purity of it. We always worry about our health and the key things around it. A few terms such as TDS, contaminants, unhealthy water are always very common to our ears and this time we must consider on drinking the water. TDS is a big factor for our health. This makes us also think more about the different health issues. Are you worrying more about the TDS of drinking water? Do you think that the water you are drinking is not purified? Read on to know a lot more about what the TDS of water must be.

What does TDS really mean?

TDS is a big factor for any set of drinking water. The TDS means “Total Dissolved Solids”. TDS is basically a mixture of the solvents that are present in the water. It is a big factor that everyone needs to consider at any point in time. There are a lot of inorganic substances also present in the water at the same time. Apart from this, TDS includes magnesium, calcium, potassium and much more. Almost every drop of water contains a minimum level of contaminants. But, when the level rises, things can get worse for anyone. So before drinking water you should know the TDS of drinking water

Why do You Need to Check TDS?

As I mentioned earlier, there are a few things which you need to consider. When you measure the TDS in water, you will be able to make sure if you are drinking the pure water or not. But before that, you need to keep in mind a few factors about the TDS concept. It is always better to know how impure water can be. According to the World Health Organization, the highest levels of TDS present in Water are nearly 500mg/Liter. So, even if you are willing to get some of the best water to drink, you must always have a clear idea of the concept. However, if you see that the level is exceeding 1000mg/liter, we suggest that you do not drink that water.

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Drinking Water TDS Chart

It is always a major issue for everyone to consider the different TDS levels of water every time. So, always try to keep in mind the safety level of drinking water. So the best idea would be to drink clean water at any point in time. Almost everyone needs to keep in mind the safety level because it will always help them to know more. Well, if you are just willing to know more about the levels of drinking water, you need to check out the Drinking Water TDS Chart. Our Drinking Water TDS Chart will help you to find the right levels of TDS water to drink. It is always important that you follow this chart in order to stay hale and hearty.

TDS Level (Milligram/Litter)Remarks
Less than 50Unacceptable because of lack of important minerals
50 – 150Acceptable for Drinking (Excellent – where water is polluted with industrial wastes and sewage)
150 – 250Good – Acceptable for Drinking (Healthiest in regard to cardiovascular health.)
250 – 350Good – Acceptable drinking (Healthy in regard to cardiovascular health.)
350 – 500Fair
500 – 900Less Acceptable for Drinking
900 – 1200Least acceptable for drinking; try to avoid drinking water with TDS level above 900 wherever possible
1200 – 2000Very Least acceptable for drinking where other water sources are not available.
Above 2000Unacceptable for drinking

Ideal TDS of drinking water

TDS leaves a big impact on our health at every time. I would personally suggest to check TDS and ensure it if it is safe to drink or not. In a lot of occasions, TDS may leave a big impact on water-borne diseases. This, it is very important for anyone to check the TDS levels of water. If you measure the TDS of water, you can always ensure that you are drinking safe water.


What do you need to do to check TDS?

By estimating TDS in water, you will have the capacity to ensure whether the water you are drinking is unadulterated or debased. Do you also know what is the most extreme contamination level by the EPA Secondary Regulations? The most extreme TDS level in water is 500mg/liter. Check if you get your water from the adjacent lake or a tank. You should ensure that it meets this mentioned level. If you see that the level is surpassing 1000mg/liter, we recommend that you don’t drink that water.

How much TDS in water is good for health?

According to the reports set up by the Bureau of Indian Standards, there is a maximum limit set up. However, the Indian government allows it upto 500 mg/L. Apart from this, the different brands providing mineral water in India consider it as a very high margin. The major aim is to keep it below 100mg/L. However, a lot of researchers are coming up with the latest ideas at the same time. A lot of papers are there which conclude that the maximum permissible limit is around 2000mg/L. However, this is only applicable if there is no alternative to drinkable water.

Apart from this, a high TDS of water more than 500mg/L would mean that the taste of the water is salty. Also, it would also mean that you must consume essential minerals after a few hours of time.

How to check the TDS level in water?

Checking the TDS of Water is never a tough ask and you need to follow a few steps in order to do it. However, if you are eager to check the TDS of water, I suggest you a few methods by which you can do it!

Method 1: Using Digital TDS Meter

Using a Digital TDS Meter is certainly very helpful. Consider a situation where you are going out to work. However, you may not always carry the bottle of drinking water. You may always carry a Digital TDS Meter in order to check the status of water you are purchasing. It has a lot of benefits as well. I would personally advise you to use this device in any situation. So, you can easily check the performance of your water purifier easily. This will help you to make sure if you are drinking the right water or not. So here are a few steps that you can follow!

Step 1–Measure the temperature of the water

Switch the meter on.

Press the TEMP button. The temperature will be displayed in Celsius only.

To return to TDS mode, press TEMP button again.

Step 2 – Measure the TDS level

Remove the protective cap

Turn the TDS meter on. You will find the ON/OFF switch is on the panel

Immerse the meter into the water up to the maximum immersion level

Gently stir the meter to dislodge any air bubbles

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Method 2: Using Filter Paper and a Scale

Using a Filter paper will mean that you are doing it in the old fashion way. This is a very convenient method that you can use. But, to get this thing properly, you would need a few things also. Some of them would be a beaker, an evaporating dish and also sample of the water.

1 – Weigh the vanishing dish in milligrams and ensure that the dish is totally void, free from any sort of particles. Note this estimation as “A” and return to it after every one of the means has been finished.

2 – Take the mixing stick and energetically mix the example of water in the sanitized container. You have to disturb the fluid with the goal that the particulate issue display.

3 – Take the pipette and gather 50ml of the mixed water. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that even while gathering the water, you need to continue mixing the fluid.

4 – Extract water from the pipette and pass it on to the channel paper 3 times. There will be some residue in the channel paper.

5 – If you see any particles in the channel paper, also exchange it for the vanishing dish.

6 – Also wait for the filtrate (particles) to finish dry.

7 – Once the filtrate on the vanishing dish is dry, weight the dissipating dish once more (with the filtrate) and call it “B”.

8 – Measure the TDS level by subtracting B from A.

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To check TDS level, utilize the formula: TDS = [(A-B)*1000]/ml

I hope by using this formula you will able to figure out which TDS of drinking water.

TDS of drinking water

Acceptable TDS for Human Body

The most common compound constituents are calcium, phosphates, nitrates, sodium, potassium and chloride.  These are also present in supplement overflow, general stormwater spillover and overflow from blanketed atmospheres. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is an estimation of everything in your water – Good and Bad.

The measure of TDS in water influences its taste, too little TDS and also the water tastes level. Numerous people discover drinking unadulterated water. For example, refined to be repulsive. Apart from this, drinking water that has direct measures of TDS to taste great.

Raised levels of TDS don’t present a medical issue. They are actually good for you unless chemicals like chlorine and chloramines are available. Minerals, for example, calcium and magnesium are present in hard water and regard has in drinking water.

They enable you to get your every day to the recompense of minerals. Water with zero TDS is terrible for your wellbeing for two reasons. To start with, it doesn’t supply any minerals, and research shows that we don’t get enough minerals from our diet. The second reason is on the grounds that it is “hungry water” – it is ravenous for minerals. There is significant proof that water with zero TDS will really take minerals from your body!

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